Selling Your Home As Is

Before selling, many people take time to repair damage in their homes or make renovations to increase the home’s value. However, this isn’t the ideal course for everyone. Selling your home as is, can be a great option for you. 

Why Sell As Is

You might choose to sell your home as is for a variety of reasons. First of all, it’s much cheaper to sell as is since many repairs and renovations are very expensive. Cutting out this part of selling is far more affordable. Plus, you can put your home on the market sooner. Selling as-is may also be a necessity. If you’re facing foreclosure, selling quickly without making changes to the home can help you avoid said foreclosure, and the money from the sale will go toward paying off anything you owe. Many people who inherit homes also choose to sell as is. There may be too much damage to deal with and it can be painful to dwell on a home that belonged to a loved one who’s passed away. A quick sale may be the best option. 

Disclosing Your Selling As Is 

If you do choose to sell as is, there are a few responsibilities you need to keep in mind. You are required to disclose everything to the buyer. Start off by declaring that you’re selling as is. This will attract different types of buyers, so you won’t have to worry about buyers turning away after they find out the home is selling as is. Additionally, you need to disclose the type of damage in your home (plumbing, electrical, structural, etc.). You will also need to disclose the extent of the damage. Your buyer deserves to know what they’re getting into before they buy and they are also legally entitled to this information. 

Finding a Buyer 

If you want to sell as is, your best option is to find a cash buyer. A home buying company is a great buyer to work with. They regularly buy homes for cash and they can get you an offer on your home very quickly. Home buying companies are also very experienced in the field and they can give you a quality offer on your home. It’s easy to find them online and connect. 

Selling as-is creates a much easier process for you. You can put your home on the market right away and find a cash buyer to quickly purchase your home. You don’t need to deal with the extra stress that comes with a traditional sale. 

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