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We Handle Everything so You Don’t Have To

How Do I Sell My House Fast?

It is really easy, when you sell directly to us there is no middle person. We will take away all the stress by buying your house As-Is, which means no repairs, we will take care of all the paperwork, since you will be selling directly to us there are no fees involved… Do you see now why we are able to buy your house fast?. You are definitely going to receive an Offer that Makes Sense from Us!

Fast Cash is not enough? We understand, we have helped many homeowners selling their house even when it seems impossible to do. We have many options available to you… There is a reason why we are the Go To House Buyer

Here Is How It Works:

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How it works behind the scenes?

We are a team of professionals working hard to help you succeed in your specific goal of selling your house. We are not just a regular house buyer, we are the leading company in this industry… Why? because we are the only ones giving homeowners Options to sell their house. Whatever it is the reason why you want to sell, we can help!

We will always make our best offer right away, but wait! you can even figure out what our cash offer will look like. This is because we make our offers based on the Market, if similar houses in your neighborhood are selling for $250,000. Guess what are we going to offer for your house? Yes! you are right – $250,000.

There are not Fees, Commissions and Closing Cost when you choose to sell your house directly to us. It is really that simple.

We have had many situations when the house needs a lot of repairs, like fire or water damage, in this case it could be really hard to find a house in the same conditions, in this case we will just figure out how much money the house will need in repairs to leave it in the same condition as the other ones. But hold on a second, it is not that complicated. Taking the same scenario as before, we know houses in the neighborhood are selling for $250,000 but let’s say your house needs $80,000 in repairs to bring it to the same condition as the others. What is going to be your cash offer? YES! $170,000.

What Options Do I have Available?

There are many other situations where you can think it seems almost impossible to get out of your problem house, however we can still help you out. For example we have bought many properties that are worth less than what you owe and that is okay for us, Can you sell it on the Market? yes you could, but you have to bring money to the Closing Table to be able to sell it.

We are an investment company, we are here for the long run, maybe the market conditions are not in your favor when you need to sell, but the Market will change eventually and that is the reason why we are still being able to buy your problem house even if you owe more than what the house is worth.

This is just one out of the Many Options we have available for you. Reach out to us, it does not matter the Situation, Condition, Mortgage balance, Timeframe, Cash you need, Back Taxes, Liens, HOA fees, Personal Reasons, behind in payments, etc. We can still help you!