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Fees & Cost of Selling a House

You Have Options

December 16th, 2021

When you sell a house, there are a number of fees and costs that you will need to pay depending on the way you decide you will be selling your house. These fees and costs can add up, so it is important to be aware of them before you sell your house. In this article, we will discuss the fees and costs associated with selling a house in United Estates.

Why do I need to pay to sell my house?

In our Housing Market the person selling the house is the one paying the most money during the transaction. There are a lot of costs and fees associated with the sale of a house, we will outline the most common cost and fees sellers face when selling their home. Buyers have their own cost, however they are way less compared to the ones the seller will face.

Fees and Cost of Selling Your House the Traditional Way

This is the most expensive way for sellers. In order to list your house with a real estate agent, you will have to pay them a commission which is usually about 6% of the sale price. You will also have to pay other fees such as Closing Cost, Marketing Cost, Legal Fees, Repairs and many more.

The Example

Let’s imagine your house is worth $200,000 this after you spend $20,000 making repairs, cleaning and preparing your house. Keep in mind you will have to pay this $20,000 out of your pocket even before you are able to list your house. You will be managing contractors and taking the renovation protect yourself.

Once your house is ready to list on the Market, let’s say after 2 months of renovations. At this point even that you will be listing your house at $200,000, you will be looking to receive $180,000. Well… let me tell you you wont be receiving that amount. After you spend some time on the Market, usually 2-3 months and you receive multiple offers (most of the times they are lower than your asking price) You finally accept one at your asking price. Here is when it gets tricky, in a perfect scenario you accept that offer and the Buyer is able to get financing to buy your House. You will be paying 6% of those $200,000 in commissions, you as the seller will be paying 3% for your Agent and 3% to the buyers agent… yeah I know!. Then depending on the state you are in you would be paying around 4% in Closing Cost.

Doing this basic Math you will be paying an extra $20,000 to sell your House, remember we are thinking about a perfect scenario, most of the times this doesn’t go as smoothly as this example, however you will be expecting to receive $160,000 out of the $200,000 your house is worth. This after 5-6 months of working to get it sold.

Sell Your House Directly to an Investor…Like Us!

Fortunately you have more Options, don’t make the same mistake of most homeowners, the more informed you are the better decision you can make. There is an option where you can sell your house directly without making any repairs, waiting several months on the Market and avoid paying Closing Cost and any other fee. We will buy your house directly from you, no agent involved on either side. Just us!

There are many benefits in selling your house to an Investor, but the two most important ones are:

1- Sell Your House for Cash in your timeframe: You pick your closing date, are you looking to sell in one, two or three weeks? Done! we can make it happen.

2- You don’t have to pay to sell your house: When you sell your house directly, there are not commissions involved, here at Go to House Buyer we help most sellers with Closing Costs so you can get more money for your house.

The comparison:

Make the math yourself and see how you can get more bang for your bucks when you sell directly to an Investor, this is the best way to sell your house in today’s market. We are here to give you our advice, don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

If you are looking for a Reputable House Buying Company that will offer you options when selling your house, contact us Today! and find out what we can pay for your house

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